for foreign students

The Government Decree no. 443 defining the rules for the Czech citizens and foreigners entering the territory of the Czech Republic approved on April 23, 2020, has extended the possibilities for entry of the EU citizens (as well as the Schengen area and United Kingdom citizens) to the Czech Republic, effective from April 27, 2020, to study purposes under the following conditions:

  1. Entry of students for the purpose of a high school and university exam on the Czech territory up to 24 hours
  2. Entry of the EU citizens who previously resided in the Czech Republic and already go to school in the Czech Republic (a return to the Czech Republic, not a so-called first-entry) and entry of third-country citizens, who already hold permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic
  3. Entry of the EU citizens for the purpose of study at university on the Czech territory without previous stay or study on the territory of the Czech Republic exceeding 72 hours (new students)
  4. Entry of the cross-border pupils and students from the neighboring countries who study on the territory of the Czech Republic (children attending kindergartens in the Czech Republic are included in this category)

Detailed information can be found at Pupils and students entering the territory of the Czech Republic.

Necessary certificates can be found at Certificate and confirmation form for traveling during the state of emergency.

Given the dynamic development of the situation we kindly ask all international students to consult regularly the pages of the Ministry of Interior dedicated to the pandemic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you intend to return to the Czech Republic for less than 24 hours in order to sit for an exam at Masaryk University, please do not forget to print out the corresponding certificate you will find in the IS after registering for the exam; you will need the certificate at the border control. More information.

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