Commercial Law Studies

Introducing the study programme

Commercial Law Studies allows the students to acquire orientation in the Czech private and public law linked to business practice, including related issues of contract law, competition law and public law regulation. The students get acquainted with the most often legal institutions closely associated with business and corporate practice.

The Studies are not primarily aimed at complex solution of the practical legal problems. Nevertheless, by acquisition of the basic knowledge of the Czech legal system the students will be able to find a way to solve problems and evaluate whether the particular situation requires a professional assistance of a lawyer or not.

Completion of the study programme is suitable for entrepreneurs but also for the wider public with interest in regulation of business transactions and their institutional framework, including overlaps into public law. The Studies will help to the fresh graduates to get a general overview of law and may be a complementary study to the economic or other humanistic disciplines.

Follow-up studies

The graduate can continue to study at the Faculty of Law at MU in the follow-up Master's degree programme of Public Administration, the field of study Public Administration, or in the MPA study.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Bachelor
Length of studies3 years
Language of instructionCzech
ConsultantIng. Mgr. Radek Ruban, Ph.D.
GuaranteeIng. Mgr. Radek Ruban, Ph.D.

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