Civil Law

Programme description

The objective of the Civil Law course is to lead the students of the discipline to deepen the knowledge of Civil Law, its fundamental theoretical principles and adjacent disciplines, as well as to develop an active approach to scientific work in the discipline of Civil Law highlighting an active interaction with students and development of their own activity. The programme is didactically aimed at mastering the scientific methods of the knowledge of Civil Law and other disciplines creating parts of the discipline (Family Law, Civil Procedural Law and Intellectual Property Law), deepening the knowledge of its non-legal and legal determinants and principles, values, basic institutes and system contexts. The graduate of the programme is lead to an actively performed scientific work in the field of study Civil Law and its wider basis. The study is not restricted to the current state of Czech Civil Law in a broader sense, but is also aimed at its development trends including the prognosis of future development and comparative study of Civil Law within the European area. The broader basis of the field of study consists of preparing for scientific and pedagogical work, language preparation and the basic knowledge on the development of related legal disciplines.

A successful graduate is able to

  • manage the methods, subject-matter of the knowledge, values and aims of Civil Law at scientific level;
  • present the scientific outputs in their discipline in professional literature and also at professional conferences and events;
  • join the networks of national and transnational research and exchange of professional information in their discipline;
  • work scientifically and pedagogically within the teaching at establishments of higher education with legal focus.

Occupational profiles of graduates

The programme is particularly intended for those who wish to pursue academic career and scholarly work, or, for those who want to acquire more detailed theoretical knowledge in this legal discipline. The graduates will find an opportunity to work in the area of legislation, judiciary, advocacy and in notary offices, institutions of state administration as well as cadastral offices, judicial executors and other professions. With regard to fundamental importance of Private/Civil Law as the basic branch of the system of legal order and the corresponding importance of the knowledge of this discipline an opportunity of the graduates of the discipline of Civil Law to find employment is one of the highest among the study disciplines of the doctoral study programmes.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Doctoral
Modefull-time, combined
Length of studies4 years
Language of instructionCzech
Consultantdoc. JUDr. Petr Lavický, Ph.D.
Guaranteedoc. JUDr. Petr Lavický, Ph.D.

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