Administrative Law
and Environmental Law

Programme description

The study programme covers the area of administrative law, focusing on substantive administrative law (especially the general part) and procedural administrative law, administrative science and judicial review of public administration. This field also includes Environmental law, focusing on general issues of environmental protection legislation and legal regulations for the protection of individual environmental elements. Students of this discipline will acquire a common but sufficiently structured public-law basis, which will allow further specialisation either in administrative law and its individual areas (components), or in environmental law and its subtopics.

The aim of the study is to provide the students with the profound theoretical basis of the field, to develop their ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, to achieve an overview of Global and European trends in the field, to gain motivation for their sustained expansion of knowledge as well as for the development of their creativity and teamwork abilities. The main goal of the study is to prepare the students for independent creative scientific work and to motivate them for further professional development. The programme is intended primarily for those who wish to pursue academic career and scholarly work, or for those who want to acquire deep theoretical knowledge in these legal disciplines.

A successful graduate is able to

  • demonstrate good knowledge of the system of administrative and environmental law, as well as of organisational and functional aspects of public administration;
  • do scholarly and research work in the field, but also highly specialised work in the application practice environment, where they will be able to use their theoretical knowledge and skills;
  • act as an expert in the field of public administration, administrative and environmental law, in the field of legislation and administrative judiciary;
  • conceptually consider the issues regarding their field, its perspectives and developments;
  • apply the issues of administrative law, environmental law and public administration in the relevant European and international contexts;
  • transfer the knowledge of administrative law and environmental law within the context of their own pedagogical activities;
  • participate in further development and aiming of the disciplines of administrative law and environmental law.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

The graduates of the programme will be prepared for scholarly work in research, legislation, conceptual, programmatic and analytical activities in the field of public administration, both domestic and European, as well as in the judiciary and other areas in which the profound theoretical basis is essential. The graduates will be able to act as pedagogical or scientific researchers at domestic and also foreign research and university workplaces dealing with the issues of public administration, administrative law and environmental law; they will be able to perform professional activities in various jobs and areas of public administration, both on domestic and European Union level, and to act as experts in the field of public administration, administrative and environmental law and in the areas of legislation and administrative judiciary.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Doctoral
Modefull-time, combined
Length of studies4 years
Language of instructionCzech
Consultantdoc. JUDr. Ilona Jančářová, Ph.D.
Guaranteedoc. JUDr. Ilona Jančářová, Ph.D.

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