Podpis nového memoranda o spolupráci s The John Marshall Law School

V polovině května 2018 podepsala děkanka Markéta Selucká memorandum s The John Marshall Law School, které definovalo nové možnosti spolupráce založené na sdílení společných cílů a odpovědností. 

 Podpis memoranda memorandum o spolupráci memorandum o spolupráci

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Summary of Program between The John Marshall Law School and the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University 1993-2018

The exchange program between The John Marshall Law School and the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University started in 1993 as a result of initiatives through the American Bar Associations CEELI Program, which promoted exchanges between law schools in the United States and in Eastern and Central Europe after the fall of communism. The purpose of these programs was to promote the rule of law in these former communist countries. The program between John Marshall and Masaryk University is one of the lasting effects of this initiative.

Student Exchange Program with Masaryk University in Brno

Since 1994, students from Masaryk University in Brno have been given the opportunity to study for one semester at The John Marshall Law School. The expenses of the students are paid by contributions of friends of the program. While the students are in Chicago, They have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C., where they are introduced to government officials and observe the government in action. Students are interviewed and selected each October during the legal study trip. The exchange program has been a rewarding and unforgettable experience for both the Czech participants and for the faculty, students and friends whom they meet in the United States.
Each of the students who has come to Chicago and returned to the Czech Republic has had a positive impact on the Czech legal profession. They have become instructors in law, judges, government and corporate counsel, and private attorneys. Many have gone on to receive advanced degrees. One Czech exchange student, who was blind, returned to Chicago after he completed his studies at Masaryk with a fellowship from the World Intellectual Property Organization and earned two LL.M. degrees in intellectual property and information technology and privacy at John Marshall. He is now teaching in that field at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University. Another of our exchange students, Michaela Bejckova, is a Justice on the Supreme Administrative Law Court in Brno. Every one of these former exchange students is contributing to the establishment of the rule of law in this former communist country. The strength of the program is reflected in the fact that in excess of 48 students apply every year to come to Chicago. The Czech students contribute greatly to the intellectual discussions in the classroom at John Marshall. John Marshall students benefit by coming into contact with students from a different legal tradition.

Participants in Czech Student Exchange Program from Masaryk University

John Marshall students have the opportunity to study for a semester in Brno. Masaryk University has established a program for John Marshall students to study in Brno for a semester. The students pay tuition to John Marshall and Masaryk has provided them with living accommodations in the student dormitories and a living stipend. Students take courses in European Union Law, International Law, Czech Commercial Law, and other courses that are approved in advance by John Marshall.
Beginning in 2005, The John Marshall Law School has periodically conducted a summer program in the Czech Republic for John Marshall law students. The program focuses on European Union and Czech and Slovak Law and many of the courses focus on the transition from Communism to a democratic form of government. Generally the American students spend a week in Brno to hear lectures by instructors at Masaryk University. Classes have also been taught in Prague and Bratislava. Lecturers have also included government officials, judges on the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, and attorneys in private practice in the Czech Republic. 

The Czech/Slovak Czech Study Tour

Each year since 1993, The John Marshall Law School has arranged a ten-day study tour to the Czech Republic for American Lawyers and Judges. The participants visit sites in the Czech Republic and especially those with a legal significance, including the Czech Bar Association, the courts and other government agencies.
Members of the group make presentations to the law students at Masaryk University in Brno on United States law. These lectures are enthusiastically received by the students. During the trip applicants are interviewed by professors from John Marshall for selection as exchange students for the following year. The school also hosts a reception in Brno for prospective exchange students, past exchange students that have returned to the Czech Republic, professors from the law faculty at Masaryk University, and other friends of the law school. In October 2017, John Marshall completed its 25th study tour and has scheduled its 26th study tour for October 2018.

The Czech/Slovak Institute Program

Beginning in 2001, The John Marshall Law School has conducted a one-week training for recent law graduates from the Czech and Slovak Republics about American law, professionalism and legal ethics, and the American entrepreneurial system. Law professors and lawyers from the United States conduct the one-week course for approximately 15 to 20 koncipients and new Czech lawyers. Through the cooperation with Masaryk University, the program is currently being held in the University's facilities in Telc (formerly the Jesuit College). John Marshall is assisted with the program by the Czech and Slovak Bar Associations.
The Institute is funded through gifts from the late Mrs. Robert Beart and Mrs. John Drost in memory of their husbands, Robert Beart and John Drost, both of whom were graduates of The John Marshall Law School. John Drost was a law graduate of Masaryk University and then a graduate of the John Marshall Law School after he escaped from the Communists in 1948.

Exchange of Professors and Lecturers

The John Marshall Law School has cooperated with the Masaryk University Faculty of Law in presenting a number of conferences on American Law in Brno. The Masaryk University Press has published papers from the conferences. The Conferences have included: Freedom of Expression and the Press; Professional Ethics; and Freedom of Contract. A number of John Marshall Professors have traveled to Brno to participate in these conferences. The Honorable Henry Hyde of the United States House of Representatives and Bernard Judge, editor of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, participated in the conference on Freedom of the Press in October 1994. The purpose of these conferences has been to examine from an academic perspective current legal topics that affect Czech government and society.
The John Marshall Law School also presented several programs at the Brno University of Technology. One was a conference on Intellectual Property and the second was a training for Czech Aviation Officials on American Aviation Law.
A number of Czech academics and government officials have visited The John Marshall Law School and delivered lectures on Czech Law and Government. Public officials have also participated in the program. They have included: Czech Minister of Culture Daniel Herman, the late Vojtech Cepl from the Czech Constitutional Court, JUDr. Jaroslav Fenyk from the Czech Office of Public Prosecutions in Brno (now the Vice-Chief Justice on the Czech Constitutional CoUJi), Justice Ludvik David from the Czech Supreme Court (now a Justice on the Constitutional Court), and Petr Pithart, President of the Czech Senate. Mr. Pithart's speech, which discussed government responses to terrorism, was later published in The John Marshall Law School Law Review. In April 2018, Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek lectured at John Marshall on the European judicial structure.
Professor Michael P. Seng was a visiting professor in the Constitutional Law Department of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University during the Spring 1996 semester. He taught a course on American Constitutional Law and worked in setting up a number of conferences and programs between The John Marshall Law School and institutions in the Czech Republic. In the Spring 2005 under the Fulbright Senior Fellow program, he taught two courses on American Constitutional Law and in American Professional Responsibility to graduate students at Masaryk University.
Joseph F. Vosicky, Jr., an adjunct professor at The John Marshall Law School and a regular participant in the School's study tours to the Czech Republic, was a Visiting Fulbright Professor at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University for the Spring 2002 semester. He taught courses on the American Legal System and Contract Law.
A number of John Marshall Professors have lectured at Masaryk University. Professor Seng, Adjunct Professor Judith Munson, and Attorneys Joseph Vosicky and Brian Hosticka have taught week-long courses each spring to Masaryk law students. For the past five years, professors from The John Marshall Law School Lawyering Skills program have presented a week-long program in Brno through a partnership with Masaryk University and the University of Vienna on legal writing skills. They have included Associate Dean Anthony Niedwicki and Professors Lurene Contento, Mary Nagel, and Kim Chanbonpin.
In 2011, a partnership between the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University and The John Marshall Law School resulted in the publication of a book, One or Many? The book compares the European Union with the American system of federalism.
In a particularly significant program, fifteen members of the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University visited The John Marshall Law School in May 1994 for a course on American Law and Legal Education. The purpose of the visit was to suggest alternative methods of pedagogy in Czech legal education. The group also visited governmental and judicial officials in Chicago and Springfield.

Public Health Initiatives

Adjunct Professor Judith Munson has organized several conferences on Public Health Emergency Preparedness in Prague and Brno. Dr. Damon Arnold, director for the State of Illinois Department of Public Health, and Professor Louis Rowitz, UIC School of Public Health, also participated.
Czech public health officials have visited Chicago where they participated in seminars and trains on emergency preparedness. For many years Professor Munson taught a course on international public health law at John Marshall and in March at the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University. She conducted some joint classes by skype.

Related Programs

Through its cooperation with Masaryk University, The John Marshall Law School has cooperated with other Czech and Slovak educational institutions, as well as with the Czech Bar Association and the Slovak Bar Association. It has presented programs and had exchanges with Charles University in Prague, the Economics University in Prague, the Metropolitan University of Prague, Palacky University in Olomouc, and Comenius University in Bratislava.

Michael P. Seng
May 2018


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