Faculty of Law

Masaryk University

Czech Republic, Brno

University measures due to coronavirus

MU is operating following the university traffic-light system that is currently yellow.

  • University restrictions are in line with current goverment measures
  • Everyone is obliged to wear respiratory protection due to goverment measures

Above the goverment restrictions theese persons have restricted entrance into the building:

Public, students, CŽV attendees and employees, who does not pass prevention conditions, such as:

  • Proof of completed vaccination,
  • laboratory confirmed history of covid-19 disease, but not older than 180 days or, 
  • negativ result of antigen test, not older than 3 days or,
  • negativ result of fast antigen test ( selftest ), not older than 3 days or,
  • negative result of RT-PCR test, not older than 3 days

More informationmuni.cz/coronavirus



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