Feedback, suggestions and complaints

Feedback at the MU Faculty of Law

Communicate with us, inspire us, let us know what we can help you with or what you need. Your ideas, inspirations and feedback are important to us so that we can continually improve our services to for the satisfaction of students and the Faculty staff. Let us know how you like the space and environment in which you learn, meet or work. Share with us, through this app, your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the quality of education, research or any other activities provided through the offices, centres, departments and institutes at the Faculty. 

If students wish to comment on teaching, they are asked to use the formal student survey or to contact the programme guarantor, members of the programme board of the Bachelor's (Admission Procedures, Commercial Law Studies, International Commercial Law Studies, Senior Officer of Justice and Theory and Practice of Criminal and Administratice Proced), Master's (Law) or further follow-up Master's programme (Public Administration), or their representative in the Academic Senate directly. In addition to the student survey, doctoral students can use the PhD committees, which include regular discussions between representatives of doctoral students, the vice-dean for doctoral studies and the dean. 

We are committed to listening to what you have to say. 

If you would like to share your ideas or feedback, please select the office, department, centre or institute below to which the message should be sent. Your information will go directly to the appropriate Department Head, who will respond to you.

Submit a complaint, petition or suggestion

Discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment

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