HR Excellence of Research 

The Faculty of Law Masaryk University is a proud holder of the HR Award!

This certificate is awarded by the European Commission to research institutions that implement the HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) personnel strategy. The strategy is based on 40 principles with a European Map for Researchers and a Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. To this date, the European Commission has awarded the HR Excellence in Research to more than 585 European research institutions.

The Faculty officially subscribed to these principles on December 10, 2019, together with other  faculties and workplaces of Masaryk University, and as a research institution committed to creating quality working conditions, supporting professional development and transparent procedures for hiring researchers.

The Faculty obtained the HR Excellence in Research, a Certificate of Quality of Personnel Processes on 15 April 2021 and proceeded to the implementation phase, during which will steps be gradually taken to achieve goals set in the faculty´s Action plan.


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