Advanced Master's state examination

You can take the Advanced Master's state examination if you have completed selected Master's degree programs. Part of the examination is the defense of the Advanced Master's thesis. This work must include original results or an original treatment of a comprehensive area in a given field of study at a level consistent with the publication standard of that field.

After passing the Advanced Master's state examination, you will receive a diploma and an academic degree:

  • Doctor of Law (JUDr.) in Law,
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhDr.) in Humanities,
  • Pedagogical and Social Sciences,
  • Doctor of Natural Sciences (RNDr.) in Natural Sciences,
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmDr.) in Pharmacy,
  • Theology Licensing (ThLic.) or Doctor of Theology (ThDr.) in Theology.

Relevant Advanced Master's degrees are used before one’s name and its form depends on the field of study of the Advanced Master's state examination. Advanced Master's examination conditions and procedures are set out by individual faculties.

General information for the Advanced Master's state examination

An application can be submitted by a graduate of the Master’s programme "Law and Legal Science" awarded with a "Magistr" degree. If an applicant graduated from a Bachelor's and a follow-up Master's study programme, both of them need to be in the field of Law.

It is possible to apply in the course of the whole academic year. If applied by 31 December, the Advanced Master's state examination usually takes place in the coming Spring semester. If applied by 30 June, the Advanced Master's state examination usually takes place in the coming autumn semester.

Specialization overview

Information on doctoral procedure

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