Public Administration

Introducing the study programme

The study programme of Public Administration assists students to understand various forms of public administration activities and of the organization of public administration, including individual processes and relations within public administration. The programme enhances analytical abilities which are currently required in many fields of human activity: apart from teaching and research, also in counselling, managerial professions, the non-profit sector or state administration and self-government. The studies will lead to recognizing and understanding the relations between individual forms of public administration activities, procedures in issuing administrative acts, guaranty of legality and other connections with public administration. Students will get acquainted with the public administration reform, individual processes in public administration, subjects etc. Further, selective courses develop students’ abilities to apply the knowledge from various fields into the relevant activities related to public administration on which they are focused.

Practical training

Obligatory practical training is not – giving regard to combined form of study and its character – demanded.

Financial Administration

Land Registry Administration

Social Security Administration

General Public Administration

Follow-up studies

The graduate can continue to study at the Faculty of Law at MU in the follow-up Master's degree programme of Public Administration, the field of study Public Administration, or in the MPA study.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Bachelor
Length of studies3 years
Language of instructionCzech
ConsultantJUDr. Radislav Bražina, Ph.D.
GuaranteeJUDr. Alena Kliková, Ph.D.

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