Criminal Law

Programme description

The doctoral study programme Criminal Law follows the courses of the Master’s study programme: Substantive and Procedural Criminal Law, Criminology and Forensic Science. It is aimed at scientific research and an independent creative activity within the area of research of the mentioned programme. The specialized courses are the following: Substantive Criminal Law (general and special part), Procedural Criminal Law (general and special part), Criminal Science (including Criminology and Forensic Science, their general and special parts). In connection with Substantive and Procedural Criminal Law, the studies also involve the viewpoints of Constitutional Law, International Law and European Law. During the studies, the emphasis is put on theoretical points of view in combination with their impacts in the basic areas of criminal law practice.
The aim and the content the study is to acquire the basics of scientific work and the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge as the solution of practical problems. The programme is intended particularly for those who wish to pursue academic career and scholarly work, or for those who want to acquire more detailed theoretical knowledge in any of legal disciplines.

A successful graduate is able to:

  • understand the methodology of scientific work in the area of law and legal science;
  • fully understand the theoretical basis of the discipline of Criminal Law;
  • apply the acquired theoretical basis to solving practical problems;
  • realize an independent creative and scientific activity;
  • present results of their scientific activity at national and international events.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

The graduate of the study programme will be prepared for professional scientific work in the area of research, legislation, and judiciary and in other areas where detailed theoretical knowledge is necessary.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Doctoral
Modefull-time, combined
Length of studies4 years
Language of instructionCzech
Consultantprof. JUDr. Věra Kalvodová, Dr.
Guaranteeprof. JUDr. Věra Kalvodová, Dr.

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