Constitutional Law
and Theory of State

Programme description

The programme is intended for applicants interested in deepening their knowledge of Constitutional Law and the related field of the Theory of State. Constitutional Law makes the student familiar with the place of Constitutional Law within the law system (the concept, subject, sources), with the theory of Constitution and the values it is based on, with the constitutional basis of the state form (the territory of organization, the state regime, the state authority), legal order and the system of law (law making, legal regulations, the publication of legal regulations, the relation of Constitutional, International and Transnational Law, the constitutional basis of law interpretation), with the legal regulation of state authority and its organization (the separation of powers, individual constitutional bodies, their position, the rules of their activity, elections), with the foundations of relations between the state and an individual (citizenship, fundamental rights and freedoms, their protection, the constitutional basis of the position of foreigners). To master thoroughly the constitutional law of the Czech Republic, it is necessary to have detailed knowledge of the theory of state and of politology in its general basis. The common denominator of the doctoral study in the discipline of Constitutional Law is acquiring the methods of scientific work as well as critical legal thinking during the analysis of practical issues of Constitutional Law with regard to the legislation and judicature of the Czech Republic and other countries.

A successful graduate is able to

  • explain and provide strong theoretical foundations of the principles of the discipline (in particular, the theory of constitution, public authority and its separation, forms of government, the state regime, the theory of fundamental rights and freedoms);
  • do independent scientific work (including comparative studies) and provide an overview of the Global and European trends;
  • apply the knowledge and skills in practice (in particular, legislative, administrative and constitutional judiciary, further procedures and decisions of bodies of public authority;
  • work with the evolving positive legal regulation within Constitutional Law and with the judicature particularly in the area of constitutional and administrative judiciary;
  • explain the constitutional-law concept of the relation of National Law to International Law and Transnational Law;
  • use the newest knowledge of the theory in professional practice.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

The programme is particularly intended for those who wish to pursue academic career and scholarly work, or, for those who want to acquire deep theoretical knowledge in any of legal disciplines.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Doctoral
Modefull-time, combined
Length of studies4 years
Language of instructionCzech
Consultantprof. JUDr. David Kosař, Ph.D., LL.M., J. S. D.
Guaranteeprof. JUDr. David Kosař, Ph.D., LL.M., J. S. D.

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