How to apply

  • 1th February to 31th May 2021

    Submit an application

    The application is submitted electronically (no other form is possible). This allows you to find out the requirements for a particular field.

    The Faculty application fee is 600 CZK per submitted application. You can submit several applications, however, each must be paid separately (even if you apply for the same field in the full time and combined studies mode).

    The required documents for the application must be sent by post or brought personally to the Office for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Law.

    Submit an application

  • May to June 2021

    Wait for an email

    Check whether the e-application is completed, i.e. paid and confirmed. You will receive an invitation to the entrance examination in the second half of May.

  • June 2021

    Come to take the examination

    Every field of study organizes their own entrance examination; the dates are set by the particular departments.

  • From 1th to 14th July 2019

    Learn about the results

    The results of the entrance examinations are made public at the beginning of July.

  • turn of May and June

    The result of the admission procedure

    The decision about acceptance/denial of admission will be posted at the beginning of July. You will also find it in your e-application.

  • September 2019


    When obtaining the decision about admission, you will also receive information about the enrolment. You will become a student of the Faculty of Law MU only after you enrol.

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