The Present

The Faculty of Law at Masaryk University is one of the four public law faculties in the Czech Republic. Its history dates back shortly after the First World War. The Faculty of Law MU went through happy periods when both scholarship and teaching flourished, but also through less fortunate years. Its history is defined by times of great boom, but also decades when it was completely closed.

The present day Faculty of Law can be described as:

  • a modern, dynamic faculty, where both teaching and scholarly work receive equal attention;
  • an important centre of education preparing students for their professional careers in a number of fields. The main aim of the teaching is to prepare future lawyers for their professional careers by focusing on their acquiring both comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills, allowing them to specialise during their studies;
  • a faculty which equips the students, in both its required and selective courses, with comprehensive theoretical knowledge, but at the same time as a faculty which was the first one in the Czech Republic to introduce a systematic practical teaching through legal clinics and professional skills practice;
  • an institution in which the terms “research“ and “explorations“ are not used as merely empty phrases;
  • an institution which maintains dozens of contacts with foreign experts and educational and scholarly institutions abroad on both individual and institutional levels;
  • an institution which offers outstanding conditions and facilities for work to both to its students and academic staff.

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