Senior Officer of Justice

Introducing the study programme

Bachelor's Degree Program Higher Judicial Officer provides a basic level of higher education in the areas of the Ministry of Justice, especially in the judiciary and in the public prosecution system. The study program is, in accordance with Section 45 (1) of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., On universities, orientated purely practically to the preparation of students primarily for the pursuit of the profession of a higher judicial officer or a higher official of the Public Prosecutor's Office. Their status and activities are regulated by Act No. 121/2008 Coll., On Supreme Court Officials and Higher Officials of the Public Prosecutor's Office and on Amendments to Related Acts. In justice, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Justice in 2016, the District Courts have 953 senior judicial officers, 261 senior judicial officers at the county courts, and 7 at the Supreme Court. It is clear that there are a large number of senior civil servants, as well as the fact that, in view of the actions they are able to perform in court proceedings (see in particular § 11 and 12 of the cited law), their high-quality training is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of justice.

The senior judicial officer program provides students with a systematic overview of the Czech and European legal regulations as well as the necessary knowledge of the fields directly related to the field of justice, ie civil law of procedural, private law, criminal law and administrative justice. The program aims not only to provide and verify knowledge, but also to acquire the skills necessary in particular for the performance of the function of a senior judicial officer and a higher official of the Public Prosecutor's Office. An integral part of the study is therefore training in procedural and judicial-administrative skills. This is subject to a selection of subjects. The basis consists of subjects providing a comprehensive overview of the legal regulation as a whole. This is complemented by specialized subjects aimed at the field of justice. Students also have the opportunity to choose a wide range of other subjects from economics, management etc.

Senior Officer of Justice

Follow-up studies

The graduate can continue to study at the Faculty of Law at MU in the follow-up Master's degree programme of Public Administration, the field of study Public Administration, or in the MPA study.

Provided byFaculty of Law
Type of studies Bachelor
Length of studies3 years
Language of instructionCzech
ConsultantMgr. Jan Holas, Ph.D.
GuaranteeMgr. Jan Holas, Ph.D.

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