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SzeMUN 2012 - Szeged Model United Nations, 11-13 April

We would like to invite one or more delegations from your university to our third annual Model United Nations conference, SzeMUN, which will take place 11-13 April 2012, in Szeged, Hungary.

Model United Nations conferences have been and are held throughout the globe, on all continents and in many countries. The goal of such an event is to provide a chance for students to get familiar with recent issues, to improve their understanding of current events, diplomacy, international relations and politics. At an MUN conference, debating techniques and skills are also contested, as well as the use of English.

Delegations represent one country each, adopting different countries’ views and beliefs, examining their background and getting familiar with them. Furthermore, realistic rules of procedure are used to suit the needs of such simulations. The delegates need to follow the dress-code of the conference as well.

For more information about the conference or application, you can take a look at our website (www.szemun.eu), but if some questions still remain, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to info@szemun.eu.