Principles of publication ethics for the conference proceedings published by the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University

(hereinafter referred to as “Principles”)


The aim of the Principles is to prevent potential illegal or unethical procedures of authors of papers published in the conference proceedings.

By sending an article to the publisher an author confirms that his/her article is an original piece of work which has not been published yet. Any plagiarism, submission of identical or already published manuscripts and fraudulent misrepresentation is considered by the publisher as unacceptable and unethical. Non-original works and works which are plagiarism will not be published by the publisher.


The Principles are based on the following sources of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics):


In the event that an issue which is not explicitly regulated by these Principles occurs, the abovementioned sources of COPE applies subsidiary.

Before any initiation of cooperation, the publisher will inform authors, editors and reviewers about these Principles. The publisher will simultaneously inform authors, editors and reviewers about the existence of documents of COPE and their subsidiary applicability.


  • guarantee that a paper published in the conference proceedings is his/her original work,
  • comply with the formal requirements laid down by the publisher including rules for the citation of sources,
  • comply with the duty to state a co-author,
  • guarantee that the same paper has not been sent for publication to another conference proceedings, monography or a journal at the same time,
  • comply with the citation ethics and state all used sources,
  • inform the publisher about any doubts as to the originality and the authorship of papers.


  • are responsible for the content and the quality of conference proceedings,
  • respect the requirements of originality and preservation of the integrity of the scientific outcomes,
  • respect the confidentiality of information related to the publication (e.g. peer review),
  • state all persons that were working on the publication of the conference proceedings,
  • do not state persons that were not working on the publication of the conference proceedings as authors/editors of the conference proceedings,
  • prevent the possible conflict of interest of authors and reviewers,
  • decide upon an inclusion of papers in the conference proceedings by taking into account reviews,
  • do not include a paper, which is suspected not to be original and/or is a result of plagiarism, in the conference proceedings.


  • comply with guidelines from the publisher and an editor,
  • comply with the anonymity of a review process (double blind peer review),
  • comply with deadlines stated by an editor or the publisher,
  • carry out reviews impartially and constructively with the use of material and objective arguments without any personal outbursts against an author,
  • comply with the confidential nature of information,
  • avoid the conflict of interest, and where appropriate, inform the publisher about a potential conflict of interest,
  • always draw attention to a suspicion of plagiarism.

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